This is the blog of Beta Zeta Nu. We are a chapter of Phi Theta Kappa from CaƱada College, in Redwood City, California. Phi Theta Kappa is the International Honor Society of two year colleges.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Redwood City Symphony

On Sunday November 23rd, two member of our chapter, Isaiah Roggow and Marie Roussel, volunteered for the Redwood City Symphony. The volunteers helped to sell cookies and coffee during the event. Funds will be donated to the symphony.

Isaiah shares with the blog his insights and highlights of the event:

I always enjoy going to the Redwood Symphony, it really is and always has been a well organized and competently ran event. Their themes are always well-thought out and consistent. The musicians are top shelf and could easily be found at any of the 'big-super-prestigious" orchestras in the nation in which I have been in the audience.
This time around, Redwood Symphony honored several renowned Jewish composers at the Beth Am synagogue in Los Altos Hills. The first of two highlights for me was the playing of the suite for the movie "The Hours." The second was accompanied choral singing of traditional psalms that have been passed down by the Jewish people for uncounted generations. It was a truly delightful event; the Redwood Symphony continued to bring high quality orchestral music to the Bay Area once again. Bravo!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Globalization Debate

This event was done with the Business Club after the President of the Business Club came to our chapter with the idea of the debate. The two Canada Clubs decided that we would have two professors, Terzakis and Roscelli, in the debate. The main idea was to educate students on the pro's and con's of globalization and trade while explaining the effect trade can have on the countries involved. The event proved to be an extremely popular debate to attend. We had over 100 students and faculty members attend with standing room only shortly after the debate began. After the professors presented their views the room was open to questions and the numbers of students with questions was much greater than we thought. Thanks to the great involvement of the classroom the debate ended up lasting much longer than expected, but was well worth the time. This event was able to help the chapter reach out to Canada students and teach them about our scholarship topic.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Darwin, God or both?

On November 13th 2008, an English professor, Mark Harrison, gave a lecture on Evolution and Intelligent Design to our chapter. He explained the foundations of both, Evolution theory and Intelligent Design hypothesis. The chapter, along with other members of the community, enjoyed a well prepared lecture explaining why Evolution is a viable scientific theory and how Intelligent Design is an attempt to incorporate religion into the education system.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Frankie Meets Jimmy" - A Benefit Concert For Student Scholarships

Members of our Chapter volunteered to help out at the Jimmy meets Frankie music event hosted by Canada's president,Tom Mohr, for the college’s donors. The event was done in hopes of raising money to help pay for scholarships for Canada's college. Marie, Isaiah, Jonathan, Ryan, and Loveline acted as ushers to provide a warm welcome for the President’s guests. The volunteers also helped set up the intermission refreshments and coffee. This was an opportunity for the college’s donors to see the very students that their donations benefit.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall 2008 Induction Ceremony

The evening of enchantment that we know as PTK induction began by a welcome from Skyline’s president, which was then followed with a word of by the Regional president. The excitement coursing through the room was tangible at that point. The secrecy maintained by previously inducted members about the ceremony only heightened the anticipation in our hearts and souls. Our satisfaction would not be met just then, for the keynote speaker was about to take the stage in grand fashion. The speaker was none other than Tyler Hammer, Executive Director of Sustainable San Mateo County. A finer speech about sustainability in connection with academic achievement has never before been crafted. After in-depth definitions and explanations of the word ‘sustainability,’ the speech concluded. The new inductees were initiated into our organization that we love so dearly, Phi Theta Kappa. After the ceremony was complete, the emotionally exhausted new members swore the oath of PTK. We then were released to the foyer for punch and pie!

Christmas Cards Donation

Our chapter will be donating 500 Christmas cards to a fellow California/Nevada Region chapter, Alpha Omega Rho. Alpha Omega Rho will be using the cards for their current project to supply all the wounded troops at Balboa Naval Medical Hospital in San Diego with a Christmas card and the extras will be shipped overseas. Beta Zeta Nu was glad to lend a helping hand and hope to be able to help out other chapters. Clyde Campbell Alpha Omega Rho's Vice President of Service was our person of contact and will be receiving our cards. This project is a Chapters United Project.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Canada College Honors Program

Canada College is about to start a brand new Honors Program. Patty Dilko, Honors Program coordinator at Canada College, gave an interview for our blog.
Wednesday morning Patty meets with Sofia in her office ready to talk about this program and its benefits.

"The idea of the Honors Program, came from different places" Patty explains, "On one hand, highly motivated students were eager to engage in more challenging courses and faculty felt the need to work with these students to fill up some academic and intellectual gaps. On the other hand, counselors were realizing that the Honors Programs would double Canada's articulation agreements with four year institutions."

This program offers highly motivated students the opportunity to do research and prepare for the upper division classes. It will also allow students to have intensive academic experiences.

"This Honors Program validates the college commitment to help their students to successfully transfer" says Patty.

At the beginning the program will be as simple as possible, but it is very likely that it would grow and evolve with time.

Any student who meets the prerequisites can register and participate in the honors experience. The classes offered through this program are not shown in the schedule, but are listed in WebSMART and students can enroll in them immediately.

For more information visit http://canadacollege.edu/honorsprogram/

You can also contact Patty Dilko at dilko@smccd.edu