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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2009 Summer events

This summer, Beta Zeta Nu members, officers and advisers met several times to discuss new and ongoing projects, as well as the Honors Topic in progress. As the summer progressed, we participated in several different events, including a 4th of July Parade, a tree planting project and a leadership event, summaries of which will appear in a later post.

We resolved that every time members create and engage a project make would write reports on these projects summarizing the project, who participated, our goals for the project and the outcome. We’re sure that these summaries will help guide our project design and focus in the future as well as provide inspiration readers and future members.

We also spent time consistently coordinating events supporting this year’s honors topic. We reviewed different books in related to the Honors Topic and possible projects, including but not limited to "The China Study" by Dr. Colin Campbell. After discussing possible projects and events, we decided on several new projects as well as reengaging community partnerships from last year. As part of our ongoing partnership with Garfield school, members will be creating a project for Garfield students to educate them on the stock market, investment and money management, which will ultimately be tied back to economic policy. There will also be a presentation related to education, focusing on whether college is necessary and/or the consequences of a less affluent or unequal education.

The chapter also discussed possible service projects for the upcoming year. So far we have considered several options, some of which include planting a garden and doing volunteer landscaping at a homeless shelter through the Shelter Network in Menlo Park, sponsoring a team for the Project Read Trivia Bee, pruning city trees, hosting events for Be the Change Day and helping with state beach and dune restoration projects in Half Moon Bay. Other events in the future may also include helping collect fish data aboard a research vessel in partnership with SF. We’ll also be using social networking sites to get member feedback on such events and recruit volunteers.

As part of our activities on campus, we’ll be redesigning our PTK information and display case to show recent events through photos, brief summaries and invitations to view our blog. We’re also considering different ways to help ease the impact of the state budget cuts on campus, and offering our assistance in any way we can to counselors and administrators. As such, we’ll be greeting and guiding students through the administrative building for the first few weeks of school to help students avoid lines up to 3 hours long.

We're all excited about a new semester and helping our fellow students and community at large.