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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Regional List Serve Ettiquette

In order to remind people of the reason for the PTK List Serve, our Vice President of Fellowship, Ryan Calic, sent an e-mail to end the much too long argument a few people were having through the whole list serve. Ryan kindly reminded people, "It has always been my understanding the list serv was designed purely for sharing information about chapter, regional projects, and or networking purposes. In the past we had some 'spam' and partison positions taken that led the region to create a myspace as well as a yahoo group where more lively discussions of that nature could take place." Ryan was able to respectfully express his opinions of his anger of the people's unnecessary list serve e-mails. "While, I may regard the list serve as strictly business, it is not my place to impose that as a value judgment on anyone. I leave that up to the regional authorities to assess what conforms or not to list serve nettiquette." In order to be even more helpful Ryan suggested some advice and reading materials for the people involved. "Anyone interested in being more objective at recognizing when they are unintentionally placing value judgments or being reactionary to other values, might consider reading 'Existentialism & Human Emotion' by Jean Paul Satre. It was recommended to me by a regional alumni, which I found very helpful in these kind of situations." The chapter was glad to see how one of their members step up in to stop things and do so in a very polite and respectful way.