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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fourth Garfield Presentation

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On April 29, 2009, Alex Garcia, Rene Rivera, Astrid Caballero, Sofia Lozano and Clay gave the fourth presentation at Garfield Middle School with Youth Adelante. This time, the members created a power point presentation about leadership. The chapter members talked about what does it mean to be a leader, and specific steps to achieve goals. They also talked about their experiences as leaders and Honor students. Chapter members shared their goals in life and encouraged the kids to write down their goals as a way to make them concrete and easy to remember. After the presentation they organized a game that taught kids to plan ahead and reconcile needs and desires. The class divided into four groups. Each group had a budget and a list of things they needed to purchase. The kids budget their money and prioritized items in consensus.

This project, allowed us be role models for kids that are endangered of bad environments or neighborhoods with gangs and drugs. By doing this presentation, PTK was able to promote Engineering and the sciences to the kids at Garfield. We may have made a difference in the life of these children by what we are doing. We were able to see that we may not be able to change the world, but we understand that if we can make a change in these kids lives, that’s a plus for us and our community.