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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ryan Calic's Speech

Greetings my fellow Kappans,
An old Viking proverb says, “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, but if you rip their little wings off they’ll eat whatever the heck you give them. I’m not here to pull your wings off. And I’m not here to lure you with honey. You have a choice of who to vote for during this election. You are the voice of a new generation. I believe we have and shall continue to see a paradox of affluence in the challenges that face us. But, in solidarity we can utilize the four hallmarks to use the tools of education and arm ourselves with knowledge! I have a talent for getting people to work together and convincing other chapters to coordinate fellowship endeavors. I really love working with people and nurturing their enthusiasm for teamwork.
And I’ve been active in Phi Theta Kappa since November 2006. As my chapter’s historian and current vice president of fellowship I’ve successfully met every commitment I’ve set out to accomplish. I believe honor is more than just awards, but how you serve others and the legacy you leave behind. As the great Roman historian and lawyer, Cicero said, “Honor is the reward of virtue.”
I’ve successfully built and maintained relationships with chapter officers in my region and at the international level. I’ve worked with individuals such as Christopher Hagermann and Crist Antolin promoting regional fellowship projects such as a statewide beach cleanup in 2007. Also I have done fundraising on the Bridge2Peace project that helps build schools for children of the 2004 Tsunami victims in Sri Lanka.
Many in Phi Theta Kappa seek me out for advice because they know that they can count on my trustworthiness and dedication. These are qualities I will bring to this office. We cannot solve the problems that face our chapters and our region simply by marching ahead and hoping for solutions. However, as your Northwest Vice President I can assure you that I bring experience and practical, no nonsense answers to the challenges that we face. And so my fellow Kappans, help me to help you use the use the tools of education and arm yourselves with knowledge by casting your vote for the strength that you’ve come to depend on! Thank you!